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GTEV Schlierachtaler Stamm

Welcome to the internet home of the GTEV Schlierachtaler Stamm Inc. - A traditional group of Bavarian Dancers who have been performing the Schuhplattler in the New York City metropolitan area since 1928. 


The G.T.E.V Schlierachtaler Stamm is a non-profit cultural arts and educational institution which is primarily supported by donations received from its membership and from corporate and private benefactors. The mission of the G.T.E.V. Schlierachtaler Stamm is to preserve and promote Bavarian Folkloric traditions through Art, Dance, Music, and German Language. Donations are used to support the primary mission and community projects of the organization.

The G.T.E.V. Schlierachtaler Stamm was established during the spring of 1928 in New York City by a group of German immigrants and today remains a non-political, non-religious, and non-discriminatory organization. Every Wednesday at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in Franklin Square, New York, the members of the Schlierachtaler Stamm assemble to uphold their mission and to donate their efforts for the success of our community projects.

Our Mission:

    To provide the Greater New York Metropolitan area with a folkloric dancing troupe that performs the "Schuhplattler." The Schuhplattler is a common folkloric dance native of Bavaria, which includes artistic dances performed in traditional costumes to instrumental native folk music, which has its origins dated back to the mid-1880's;
 Workshops, training, and learning sessions are frequently held for the Schuhplattler;
 Provide workshops, training, and concerts for traditional German/Bavarian instrumental    music;
 Develop and increase awareness at dance exhibitions; and
 Demonstrate performances for fund raising purposes.

Our 2024 Officers:

President: Michael Mattern

Vice President: Robert Hugel 

Treasurer: Scott Sutter

Financial Secretary: Marlene Schroeter 

Recording Secretary: Nancy Schwerer

Corresponding Secretary: Betty Plavnicky

Vorplattler: Erik Hugel 

2nd Vorplattler: Gerard Hugel

Vortanzerin: Nicole Mattern

2nd Vortanzerin: Morgan Breen

Trachtenmutter: Jutta Hugel

2nd Trachtenmutter: Susan Lutz

Auditor (1): Carl Simonsen (2): Joe Plavnicky (3): Raymond Hugel

Trustee (1): Cibilho Fetzer (2) Susan Lutz




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